Crispin Blunt and Brooks Newmark travel to Iran


Enabled by both the support of Mr Khamoushi, the President of Iran’s Chamber of Industry and Mines and the British Iranian Chamber of Commerce (BICC). It was their first visit to the country and paved the way for a series of very successful visits in 2007.

The delegation was initially briefed by British Ambassador Geoffrey Adams, and during the next five days the MPs attended meetings with their parliamentary counterparts and key briefings from the banking sector and Iranian entrepreneurs.

The discussions were aimed at assisting the delegate’s understanding of Iran’s internal political structures and contemporary domestic issues such as nuclear power, economic reform and petroleum subsidies. They also addressed Iran’s relationship with its neighbours, its drug interdiction efforts and the vital energy sector.

Outside the official programme, a one-day visit to the historical city of Esfahan was organised to provide a cultural perspective to the visit and to remind the delegation of Iran’s rich history.


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