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CMEC's mission to help educate and inform parliametarians about the Middle East relies entirely on donations.

The preferred way to make a donation is by cheque payable to the ‘Conservative Middle East Council’, sent by post to:

Conservative Middle East Council
55 Tufton Street

Please also provide the following information when sending donation cheques to CMEC.

For Company Donations: Please send us your Registered Company Address and the Company Registration Number

Individual donations:  Please send us the address of your UK residence where you are registered to vote (please note this information will remain confidential)

The information you supply us will be treated with the strictest confidence in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
*Please note that under the Political Party and  Elections Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA) all donations of more than £500 must be from permissible donors. Only individuals on a UK electoral register, and only organisations that are registered and carry on business in the UK can make donations to political organizations like CMEC in the UK.

All Donations of more than £7,500 must be from permissible donors and must also be declared by CMEC to the Electoral Commission. CMEC cannot accept donations from overseas as they are prohibited by the PPERA. For more information see the Electoral Commission Website or contact us.