The Arab Spring a decade on: Egypt, Tunisia, and Syria
Analysis 17 Dec 2020

The Arab Spring a decade on: Egypt, Tunisia, and Syria

CMEC had the opportunity to record two podcasts reflecting on the Arab uprisings, a decade on from when the very first protests began in Tunisia. The first episode discusses and looks back at Tunisia and Egypt, two very core centres of what has been dubbed the Arab Spring. 

Exactly ten years ago to the day, Tunisian fruit and vegetable seller, Mohamed Bouazizi, set himself alight in frustration and despair, after the authorities confiscated his wares. His self-immolation instigated protests, uprisings and revolutions across the Middle East which became known as 'The Arab Spring'. 

In the first of CMEC's podcast series, "The Arab Spring - a decade on", two former British ambassadors, Christopher O'Connor OBE, who was ambassador to Tunisia ten years ago, and James Watt CVO, ambassador to Egypt during that same time,  give their perspective on the start of the so-called Arab Spring, and ask what foreign policy lessons Britain can learn.


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The second episode looks back and discusses the continuing tragedy of Syria, after almost a decade of war following the Arab uprisings. 

This so-called 'Arab Spring' has, for Syria, heralded a decade-long 'Arab Winter' of chaos and conflict. 

In the second of CMEC's podcast series on 'The Arab Spring A Decade On', we talk to Syrian-born writer, political analyst and public speaker, Rime Allaf and to former British ambassador, including to Syria in 2011, Simon Collis CMG. 


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