CMEC hosts Qatar-Gulf crisis roundtable in Parliament
News 13 Jul 2017

CMEC hosts Qatar-Gulf crisis roundtable in Parliament

Last night, CMEC hosted a wide ranging discussion on the ongoing Qatar-Gulf diplomatic crisis. 

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt have cut diplomatic ties and all transport links with Qatar over the kingdom's alleged support for Islamic extremism. Qatar rejects the accusations.

As the diplomatic rift persists, the speakers, Sir William Patey KCMG (former British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia), Michael Stephens (Research Fellow for the Middle East & Head of RUSI Qatar) and Hasan Tariq Al Hasan (a Bahraini political economist and researcher) looked at the crisis in a historical context and in relation to regional power struggles and events in the wider Middle East. They also discussed the implications of the crisis and the western policy response.

The event was chaired by new CMEC director Charlotte Leslie.