On the Ground in Lebanon: The Voice of Youth with Paula Naoufal
News 16 Mar 2021

On the Ground in Lebanon: The Voice of Youth with Paula Naoufal


“On the Ground” In Lebanon:  The voice of youth with Paula Naoufal

“I know that I am graduating with no future in this country”


Lebanese journalist, Paula Naoufal hosts the first of CMEC’s “On the Ground” series of podcasts, listening to the voice of people actually on the ground in the region. In this episode, she hears the perspective of youth in Lebanon from two Lebanese students: Widad Taleb and Lyne Mneimneh. 


“It’s a sectarian mess here… Lebanese people deserve better than this”  Both young women played a role in the protests of October 17th 2019 and talk about their experience of living in Lebanon under currency controls, unemployment, economic crisis and covid.  “People not protesting is also a message – it says a lot. It says that people are tired, people have lost hope…”

They also give an insight into living through the devastating impact of the Beirut blast of 4th August 2020, and how it hit Lebanon’s youth in particular.“ We all lost something that day. A part of us died when the explosion happened…”   

Finally, they talk of their plans for the future and what keeps them committed to fighting for a better country.

Want to find out more? Check out Lyne Mneimneh’s social media news platform on Instragram: @thelawyard   

And Widad Taleb on Instagram: @Widadtaleb1

About CMEC’s “On The Ground” series:

In CMEC’s “On the Ground” series, we will be providing a platform for young presenters to speak to and amplify the voice of those on the ground in the Middle East. These are important perspectives for decision-makers seeking to understand the region in depth and nuance, but which do not always penetrate policy-making circles. This series does not aim to offer a definitive view of any country or issue, but simply to present an insight into experiences and perspectives of those on the ground، “ في الشارع “ in the region, with the aim of enhancing understanding and policy discussion.

If you have an idea for a CMEC ‘On The Ground’ podcast, contact director@cmec.org.uk

Lebanese youth grab brooms to sweep debris following a deadly blast. Massive explosions rocked downtown Beirut in August 2020, flattening much of the port, damaging buildings and blowing out windows and doors.
Image Credit: Reuters