Official UK-Turkey relations report
News 21 Sep 2017

Official UK-Turkey relations report

The UK parliament Foreign Affairs Committee published its Tenth Report of Session 2016-17, on The UK’s relations with Turkey on 25 March 2017, as House of Commons paper HC 615. The response from the Government was received on 20 July 2017 and has been appended in the original report.

The report call the UK-Turkey relationship 'an “understanding” relationship, during a crucial period for Turkey and the UK'; and covers a number of topics relating to the UK-Turkey security partnership, Turkey's relationship with the EU, the Syrian crisis and the shared priority of fighting Isil, and Turkey's regional and internal policies including its ongoing actions in Northern Syria and fight against the PKK within Turkey stating

"the conflict between the YPG and Turkey is not in the interest of the UK or the wider international community, and the FCO must explain how it is going to work to end the fighting between two forces that have been the primary armies fighting ISIL on the ground in Syria." and "We recommend a determined effort by the FCO to persuade Turkey to recommence the peace process with the PKK. This should include support for Turkish recognition and enablement of Kurdish cultural identity, and discussion of sustainable local autonomy as the basis for the wider reconciliation of Turkish, Kurdish, and international interests."

To read the full Foreign Affairs Committee report click here