Recently at CMEC 25 Apr 2017

Watch: CMEC Iranian Presidential Election Discussion

Last night CMEC hosted a wide ranging discussion on the upcoming Iranian presidential election set for 19 May.

With President Rouhani seeking re-election, the campaign will test if he has been able to manage the expectations of the Iranian electorate after the signing of the nuclear deal. Increasingly, he has come under attack from the conservative faction of the establishment, including the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, for the slow pace of economic recovery despite his promises.

The speakers aimed to address not only the issues surrounding the presidential election but also the historical and prevailing political dynamics in Iran.

Pooneh Ghodoosi from the BBC World Service gave a facinating overview of the runners and riders in race for the Iranain presidency.

Professor Ali Ansari from the The University of St Andrews focused in particular on Ebrahim Raisi’s candidature and how it could be a game changer.

Nazenin Ansari, the Managing Editor of Kayhan London, considered the global context of the election. 

The event was chaired by CMEC Vice Chair Seema Kennedy MP. 

Watch the event in full: