Analysis 20 Mar 2017

Watch: Kwasi Kwarteng launches Inside Libya - Chaos in the Mediterranean

It gives us great pleasure to publish Inside Libya: Chaos in the Mediterranean by CMEC Vice-Chairman Kwasi Kwarteng MP and CMEC Director Leo Docherty. 

The publication serves as a timely reminder that the plight of the migrants trafficked across the Mediterranean is intricately linked to the ongoing chaos in Libya.

In an exclusive interview with CMEC, Kwasi Kwarteng discussed the publication and a recent CMEC delegation to Libya. He stressed the need to constructively engage with General Haftar, the Libyan National Army and the House of Representatives of Libya if we are to stand any hope of restoring stability to the country. Watch the interview:


Mr Kwarteng also spoke exclusively to Sky News this morning following the launch of the publication. He stressed the need for strong central government to stop both the flow of migrants tragically drowning in the Mediterranean and to stop the growth of Isil in the country. Watch the interview: