The world reacts to the election of Donald Trump
News 14 Nov 2016

The world reacts to the election of Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s victory in the US election last week will impact US foreign policy and international affairs in significant ways. 

As the world reacts to the election of Mr Trump, international experts are struggling to decide if he will be a pragmatist or a radical in the White House. Opinion is divided as to his likely impact on the Middle East. 

According to Francis Fukuyama, Trump’s stunning electoral defeat of Hillary Clinton marks a watershed not just for American politics, but for the entire world order. Click here to read his article in The FT 

Jane Kinninmont of Chatham House says that compared with Clinton or Obama, trump is likely to have a much narrower focus on US interests, more rooted in concerns about the domestic economy rather than being a global policeman or a leader of the free world. She also says that Trump will likely stick with the Iran Deal. Read her article here

Gilbert Achcar for Al Jazeera says one of the biggest losers of Trump's presidency will be the Palestinians. Read his assessment here 

A crucial indicator of Trump's likely foreign policy direction is the selection of personnel for key policymaking roles. Courtney Weaver says that with his appointment of Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist, and Reince Priebus as his chief of staff, Donald Trump is attempting to reassure financial markets and establishment conservatives who worry whether he is ready for the presidency, while still appealing to the base who helped him win the White House in the first place. Read the FT article here 


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