CMEC Briefing: Civil Unrest in Southern Iraq

CMEC Briefing: Civil Unrest in Southern Iraq

9 Oct 2018 17:30 — 18:30
Portcullis House

Special briefing: Civil Unrest in southern Iraq


Sayed Mustafa Al-Saffi, Iraqi National Trend for Change Movement


Dr. Nussaibah Younis, Chatham House

Protests that began in the Iraq's southern city of Basra have swept across Iraq's southern provinces creating a large-scale civil society movement with an anti-sectarian, anti-corruption, and anti-Iranian sentiment. This comes at a time where Iraq is forming its new government following the May 2018 elections.

The Conservative Middle East Council invites you to attend this special Iraq briefing with speaker and guest, Sayed Mustafa Al Saffi from the Iraqi National Trend for Change Movement, where we will hear a first-hand account of the underlying issues that have provoked the protests in the South and what role Western governments can have to support Iraq's governance structures and institutions to ensure the Iraqi people's best interests.