Conference pt. 2 "Syria - The Peace and Accountability Imperative"

In the second of CMECs CPC23 Debate Series, we look at Syria. The country may be off our headlines, but the impact of its war remains devastating. What is the situation in Syria today? What does it mean for MENA, the UK, and the world? Twice-Middle-East minister, The Rt. Hon Alistair Burt talks to the Telegraph Defence Minister, Con Coughlin, author of Assad - the Triumph of Tyranny, and Shayan Talabany, analyst at the Tony Blair Institute.

A photo of the body of drowned toddler, Alan Kurdi, on a beach, shocked the world into recognising the Syrian refugee crisis. Our experts look at the crisis eight years on; cast light on ISIS and N.East Syria's camps; discuss The Syrian Opposition, the region's rehabilitation of Assad, and the geopolitical tussling in a country we forget at our peril.

  • Chair: The Rt. Hon. Alistair Burt MP, former Middle East Minister
  • Con Coughlin, Defence Editor, The Telegraph and author of Assad: The Triumph of Tyranny
  • Shayan Talabany, Analyst at The Tony Blair Institute