PODCAST: CMEC at The Conservative Party Conference pt. 1 "Who's BRIC-ing It?"

In the first of CMECs CPC23 Debate Series, CMEC asks, is NATO and the West losing influence and traction in the Middle East and North Africa? If so, does it matter, and what can we do about it?


  • Sir John Jenkins KCVO - former UK ambassador to Syria, Libya, Iraq and Saudi Arabia,
  • Mina Al-Oraibi - Editor of The National Newspaper, based in Abu Dhabi, Iraqi-British journalist and commentator.

     Saudi Iran Rapprochement, China stepping up its deal-making presence in MENA, the rise and expansion of BRICS influence, the possibility of de-dollarisation... As tectonic plates shift, CMEC brings together world experts to discuss how NATO, The West and the UK maintain relevance in the global future.