Topics & Issues

  • Defence & Security

    Hear from some of the UK and the region's most distinguished military, security and academic experts on the ever-changing defence and security challenges facing the MENA region today. 

  • Economy & Environment

    How will we balance the future of national and global economies, energy demand, supply and security with the urgent global imperative of protecting our environment? And what does this look like for MENA? 

  • Law & Society

    From constitutional reform, to the rule of law and the role of democracy - the MENA region is changing and evolving as its demographics change and evolve. What does this mean for a region that, in some places, has until relatively recently remained more-or-less unchanged for hundreds of years? Watch this space too for CMEC's Women's Programme, looking at the role of women in the region.

  • Politics & Diplomacy

    CMEC brings you some of the UK and the region's most respected diplomats, academics, politicians and military and security experts to give their perspective on the politics of this beautiful but complex region, and how diplomacy can navigate it. 

  • Sport & Culture

    From cuisine to couture, art and architecture, music and sport - there is much more to understanding the Middle East and North Africa than politics alone.