The Foreign Secretary Lord David Cameron is visiting Israel, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Qatar and Turkey to urge regional leaders to work with the UK to achieve a sustainable ceasefire in Gaza.

In Israel, the Foreign Secretary has met with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Katz, calling for more to be done, more quickly to significantly increase the flow of life-saving aid into Gaza. He also announced that Britain and Qatar - which has been a key mediator throughout the conflict - are working together to get more aid into Gaza - with a first joint consignment containing tents being flown into Egypt today before travelling by road to Gaza. 

In Palestine, the Foreign Secretary has met with President Abbas to discuss plans to move from a pause - to get aid in and hostages out of Gaza - towards a sustainable ceasefire, leading to a long-term political solution, including a Palestinian state. 

Commenting on his trip the Foreign Secretary said:  

"No-one wants to see this conflict go on a moment longer than necessary. An immediate pause is now necessary to get aid in and hostages out. The situation is desperate.    

This week I am in the Middle East working with partners to help build a plan to move from that pause to a sustainable, permanent ceasefire without a return to hostilities.   

Such a plan would require Hamas to agree to the release of all hostages, Hamas to no longer be in charge of Gaza launching rocket attacks at Israel, and an agreement in place for the Palestinian Authority to return to Gaza in order to provide governance and services and, increasingly, security."